What's a Kibble?                                           Sad but true 390 words

Copyright Sep 21

Howard R Music


"What's a Kibble?" I asked the young guy stocking sacks of dog food.  I was in a local pet center buying food for my dog who is a picky eater, something I'd never experienced in the past with my other pets, who generally acted like four-legged piranhas.  A vet explained that some animals are just not food orientated.  This makes them harder to train and perfectly describes my dog.

After trying several brands of pet-food I eventually found an expensive one the dog would eat fairly regularly at this particular store.  That day the brand was available, but the recipe was different and contained what were called Kibbles.  I'd never heard of it and was trying to read the package to find out what they were.  Not an easy task since it was covered with modern labels extolling the virtues of nutritious, tasty, non-GMO, organic, nature friendly, free-range-chicken and vegetable products.  Since the stock-boy was working right next to me I decided to save time and asked him, "what's a Kibble?"

"Dog food."

"I know," I answered, "but what's it made of?"

He appeared to be about college age, portly and still carrying a little baby fat.  "Dog food," he repeated, with no hint of sarcasm or humor.

I'd run into this before, especially when asking questions about computers.  I can never seem to get a straight answer to a simple question.  I chalked it up to being an old man in his grouchy old geezer years who was never interested in electronics or its related technologies, and figured that younger people who've grown up with computers and smart phones assume that everybody understands the basic but ever-changing jargon, and can't comprehend that someone isn't up to speed on the latest gear, thus, are unable to explain in simple terms how they work or even what they are for.

A communication-disconnect with computers I get ... but with dog food?

I eventually was able to read past all the grandiose advertisement and discovered that a Kibble was freeze-dried chicken mixed in with the regular feed.  Simple enough.  The dog even liked it.

But, if you saw a skinny old man in the pet center with a Tucker Carlson look on his face, that would've been me.


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