What If the Government Collapsed?                                    Opinion 443 words

Copyright Sep 21

Howard R Music


All over the country people are prepping.  Whether for a natural disaster, economic calamity, or medical pandemic, food and other essentials as well as guns, ammunition and reloading supplies are being hoarded by those who have little faith government could, or would, respond successfully.  Doubtless, many believe implosion of inept government itself could be the trigger.

What if the government collapsed?  Would it really be so bad?

Consider this:

If there was no government:

1)  Could a homeowner who wasn't in the mood to mow the lawn one day not have to worry that a code enforcement officer would show up with a citation for the grass being and inch over the height limit?

2)  Could that same homeowner purchase and inexpensive carport for his driveway to protect his car from the elements and the occasional hail storm without having to apply and pay for a permit and wait for the mandated inspection?

3)  Speaking of cars, could Detroit start designing and building fuel efficient and affordable vehicles that Americans actually want to own and drive, instead of producing identical pods from specs issued by Washington bureaucrats that add considerably to final costs and result in an auto a driver might not be able to see out of?

4)  Could a businessman actually hire someone that is qualified instead of having to fill racial and diversity quotas?

5)  Could a land owner actually farm his property without having to worry about disturbing an endangered Tweety Bird's nest?

6)  Would illegals continue crossing the border if there were no handouts?

7)  Would incentives for third world workers disappear?  And could natural born citizens finally start receiving fair compensation for labor?

8)  Would the army of parasitic bureaucrats with their high paying salaries and benefits cease to exist?  With no need for burdensome taxes for such nonsense would the citizenry actually be able to save and pay for their own medical and retirement?  And pay out of their pockets for their children's education?

9)  Would colleges, that can no longer access federal grant money, start accepting only those students who are actually qualified?

Obviously, I'm being facetious.  Federal, state, and local government is so intertwined in our daily lives, that if it dissolved overnight the adjustment would be severe.  To some it would be a relief; as if a huge weight were taken off their backs, but to those who depend on government checks, which is a huge segment of the population, it would be disaster, at least in the short term.

Personally, I wouldn't miss code enforcement because I hate cutting grass.


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