One Law                                                   Opinion 372 words

Copyright Oct 21

Howard R Music


Numbers 15:16 - One law and one manner shall be for you, and for the stranger that sojourneth with you.

The above Bible verse is enshrined in American law.  The Texas Constitution, which, is modeled after the federal constitution, states "no special" or "local law."  In other words, you can't be singled-out, laws are meant to be enforced equally with no exemptions or regard for race or financial status.  In the past the principal was generally acknowledged though, in practice, there have always been those of wealth and power able to buy or influence their way around penalties or compliance, publicly it was the law of the land.  And, not just Americans.  Travelers to our nation were expected to adhere to our laws and customs.

Today, not so much.

Illegals breeching our southern border ... if you can call it a border ... are treated differently, as in some may be deported while others are given plane or bus tickets, money and housing, depending on which country with no freebies they fled.

Though sex with underage girls is illegal in the USA, Muslim refugees are shown gleefully walking through our airports with their child brides with mutilated sex organs in tow, no doubt to honeymoon in tax-payer funded housing.

The BLM rioters did billions in damages, but even the ones arrested were often let go with no discernable penalties, while Trump supporters in Washington DC, many who were videoed being ushered into the capital by security personal without committing violence or property damage, were hunted down, charged with felonies and denied bail.

The sixties mantra of not judging a person by skin color but by the content of their character is as outdated as a rotary dial phone.  Again, depending on skin tone, crimes can be committed without fear of punishment, and racial slurs thrown about without sanction.

The above is a small sample of a long list.  The mentioned Bible verse (like much of scripture) is not some highly complicated spiritual concept that takes years of prayer to understand, but essentially sound, practical advice.  Having separate law for each racial, religious or sexual demographic is no law at all and, at best, one lacking in justice.


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