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My daughter bought into the wu-flu scare and, while visiting, was quite put out that I refused to alter my routine by going to places such as the hardware or auto parts store without wearing a face diaper or drenching myself with sanitizer.  

"All you baby boomers worry about is losing your rights," she stated angrily.

Really?  The following are examples of why I think the wu-flu is a diversion and not a pandemic.

In the early 1980s the Mexican hierarchy put their money into dollars then halved the value of the peso overnight without warning.  I know because I was working for an oil company in Campeche and lost about $500 because I had a pocketful of pesos.  We didn't know it then, but it was the early stages of an oil glut and subsequent collapse of the drilling industry which devastated the oil dependent economies of Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.  This, combined with the devaluation of the peso, resulted in a flood of illegals going north to compete with locals for what few jobs remained.  In their wisdom congress passed an amnesty which, then President Reagan, signed.

Some of our south of the border friends are prone to eat and drink to excess at weekend gatherings which often results in driving under the influence.  Texas legislators responded by lowering blood alcohol levels and increasing penalties.  That illegals can use fake IDs* and will purchase additional ones with different names after posting bail, thus avoiding the penalties of prosecution, didn't enter into the equation**.   Mandates were endless; motorcycle helmet laws, seatbelt, auto insurance, and drug tests for even mundane jobs.  The liability insurance was particularly egregious as rates doubled overnight.  Worse, motorists were required to buy the insurance but the insurance carriers weren't required to sell.  They were also allowed to cancel the mandated policy without giving a refund.  There was so much fraud the state had to add additional personal and offices to handle it.  The police used these statutes as an excuse to stop, ticket, and then search vehicles for beer cans or pot seeds***.  All this while our southern border was, and still is, in the midst of a stampede.

Before 11 Sep 01 airport security meant, "watch your step."  But, after Saudi nationals hijacked several airliners and crashed them into buildings, Americans now have to go through everything but a proctology exam before boarding a plane.

And now there is wu-flu, a cold virus that reportedly originated in China.  Is there a flurry of legislation being considered to beef up border security to stop entry of infected foreigners?  Are bills being fast-tracked through the senate and house to deal swiftly and severely with immigrants who skirt the system and come here with bad intentions?  If there are such proposals, they are being drowned-out by face-diaper edicts, quarantines, travel restrictions, and calls for mandatory vaccines, chip implants, and digital currencies which, combined will reduce the status of Americans to that of a pound puppy in a local kennel.

Every time a foreigner sneezes Americans lose a freedom.  And my daughter worries that I'm too concerned about lost rights.

Ya think?




*I've had my ID stolen three times.  I was also arrested once when one of the thieves received a traffic ticket using my name but neglected to pay it.

**About this same time my car was the first one totaled on 635 in Dallas when an illegal lost control of his own vehicle on the rain-slick highway and caused a 50-car pile-up.  Before the smoke even cleared the illegal ran from the carnage like a rabbit and was never heard of again ... at least not under the name on the ID he was using at the time.

***At one point the feds would not prosecute smugglers caught at the border with less than fifty-pounds of weed.  I assume the goods were confiscated and the illegal sent back across the river to be issued another backpack.

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