Death and Safety-Crats
True Story
Copyright June 1997

Back around 1977 or 78, while cruising on an old Triumph Bonneville I owned, I met a couple of Hog-riders, Double-R and Weldon. I didn’t know them long, but their memories stand out, because Double-R was the first person who ever offered to let me ride a Harley, his almost new Superglide which, had a flame paint job. In a good-natured attempt to show me the folly of buying a foreign machine Weldon even let me take a putt on his Sportster.

Not long after that Double-R ran his Harley off an open stretch of highway and died in the crash. Heart attack? Not paying attention? I never knew.

This so unnerved Weldon that he sold his motorcycle and never rode again.
Weldon made his living as a truck driver. He was killed a few years later in a traffic accident in his eighteen-wheeler.

I reasoned a long time ago that I couldn’t outrun or avoid the Grim Reaper. And I’m really getting tired of safety-crats, who continually insult my intelligence by insisting that the only thing standing between me and my maker, is a cheap piece of foreign made plastic.

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