Bull                                                                                  Feedlot humor 167 words

Or, “put your boots on, boys, it’s gettin’ deep.”

Howard R Music

Sep 22



When I lived in the country a rancher who owned the property next to mine bought a seed bull. To the rancher’s dismay, all the expensive animal did was hang by himself munching grass, while totally ignoring the cows. After a few weeks the rancher called in a vet to examine the bull who found nothing wrong. He did, however, prescribe pills to mix in the bovine’s feed.

There was an immediate reaction. The bull serviced all the rancher’s cows, then jumped the fence to do the neighbor’s herd as well.

I found out about this after the rancher asked me to help him round up the randy bull. On the way to find him in the rancher’s truck that was pulling a trailer, I asked him what was in the pills.

“I don’t know,” he answered, “but they taste like peppermint.”

Now you know why Texans wear boots.


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