Bitch Nation                                                      The Point Is 186 words

Oct 2022

Howard R Music


The following were taken from recent news reports:

The president of Ukraine, Zelensky, is calling for NATO, meaning the US, to nuke Russia so it will leave him alone. That Russia may not like that and might level half of America’s largest cities doesn’t seem to have crossed his mind.

Amlo, the president of Mexico, recently warned Texas Governor Abbott, that if he doesn’t stop building walls at the border and labelling drug cartels as terrorist organizations that Mexicans will vote him out of office.

President Biden went to Saudi Arabia with an empty gas can and Prince Ali Babwa, or whatever his name is, refused to fill it, and told Sniffer-Joe to buy an electric limo. Actually, the president wanted the camel jockeys to increase oil output, but they refused and are cozying up to the Russians who are buying oil with gold backed Rubles, not ever-shrinking greenbacks, but …

The Point Is:

Is there any third-world, stink-hole leader or their leeching, hands-out citizenry, that doesn’t think of America as their bitch?


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