Birds Will Be Birds                                                                                               True story: 312 words
Copyright May 20
Howard R Music

A few years ago I planted gourds in my garden. The vines did quite well and resulted in a rich harvest that I had absolutely no idea what to do with. Eventually I got the bright idea of hollowing them out for bird nests, which I did, and were hung on my front porch.

The birds moved right in. I enjoyed watching them and their disputes over territory as they lined the gourds with grass and twigs and later feeding their hatchlings. They'd drink out of my rain-barrels and I eventually set up a redneck bird bath made out of a plastic barrel top, which they used. I'd scatter food every day, and believe me, they aren't shy about devouring it.

One morning I looked out the window and saw one of the birds attacking the passenger mirror on my old Ford pickup. I assume he thought his reflection was a rival and he wasn't putting up with it. This went on for over an hour before I went out and ran him off. He came right back and continued his assault. I didn't want him to hurt himself and decided to cover the mirror with an empty box that evening.

However, the next morning I looked out the window and, to my surprise, the bird was sitting on the mirror rail waiting for the cowardly bastard to come out and fight. I had to give him credit; he wasn't all that bright, but he was persistent.

Someone suggested I move the truck that was probably too close to the nests. I switched places with my car. The bird switched mirrors. Since there is no bracket mount on the car the bird sat on top of it and doodied all over the mirror.

Birds will be birds.


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